We Were Sick This Week

I’m currently writing this post from bed as I’m still recovering from gastro. Yes, eww, but I’m just thankful that this one is a lot milder than the bouts of gatro I’ve had in the past. Still, I had to take a sick leave because my body is tired from all that (TMI) throwing up and bathroom sessions lol, not to mention the headache that I’m still having.

If there’s one thing good about being sick today, it’s the timing. You see, Yuri had been sick for almost 5 days and just recovered last Tuesday. He’s back to his old form today, which is when my gastro started. At least I didn’t have to take care of another sick person while I was also feeling terrible!

Yuri’s Asthma

Let’s not talk about my yucky gastro. Let’s talk about Yuri’s asthma instead. Yep, he had another asthma attack, which I think just confirms that the poor boy is, in fact, asthmatic. I firmly suspect that it’s cigarette smoke that triggers his attacks since he was exposed to it last week (not in our home). Now I am praning about letting him outside the house. As much as I want him to play with his friends, I don’t want to risk it. I’ll just let him play either in the school playground or in the village playground if the weather’s nice.

Yuri’s first time to be absent from school… and hopefully the last! Asthma, asthma, go away! 😷

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I learned that an asthma attack doesn’t always constitute rapid breathing and retraction. In many cases, it is there, but sometimes it’s just dry cough. Yuri happened to have both, but mostly the dry cough. He first got sick last Thursday, and I thought it was just an ordinary cold (which he’s had on and off because kids), and he seemed fine so I let him go to school.

When I left him at his classroom, he was fine and playing with his classmates. I didn’t know that a couple of hours later, he started being lethargic. Yuri refused to participate in the activities, which was unlike him. He was sent to the clinic, but he insisted he was fine (which was very Yuri). And ultimately, he threw up in the classroom. I cleaned it up when I arrived to fetch him.

(Segue: It also happened that they were having their quiz day – all subjects – on that particular day. I wasn’t worried but I was already thinking that he might have gotten low scores on his quizzes since he wasn’t feeling well. That’s why when we received the quiz results last Tuesday, I was really surprised to see that he got all perfect scores! #humblebrag)

On Friday, he was breathing fast and had retractions, but not as severe as before. Kuya Rey, our family friend and neighbor, who worked as a med-tech in Canada if I’m not mistaken, helped us procure medicine (Ventolin) and a nebulizer from another neighbor.

Our neighbor’s nebulizer

It seemed to relieve him, and the retractions immediately disappeared. I thought he was already fine but by the next day, Saturday, Yuri’s cough grew drier. It was so dry that he couldn’t even cough and cried because of frustration. That’s when we decided to finally take him to his pedia.

Yuri’s Nebulizer (Omron NE-C25S)

We were prescribed a gazillion drugs and were advised to continue nebulizing. Job and I decided that it’s high time we get Yuri a nebulizer of his own instead of relying on our neighbor’s. Here it is:

Without the tubing, etc.

I was firm about buying the Omron brand because our 11-year old Omron blood pressure monitor is still working. It’s more expensive than the brands you can buy, for example, at Watsons, but it’s cheaper than hospital-grade machines. Also, Omron has a service center in Davao City, which is certainly a plus. Most of the Omron machines I saw were within the 4k-5k price range, but fortunately, we checked out Amesco, which carries Omron nebulizers for cheaper.

Our Omron NE-C25S costs P2,650.

I’m very contented with it, and it delivered Yuri’s medicines to his lungs very efficiently. I’ll try to write a review about it one of these days! Awa ng Diyos, he’s already feeling a lot better now, still coughing but the normal, not-painful kind of cough.

My little honor student, back to his old self 😍

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PS: Meanwhile, I still haven’t eaten a decent meal this day (it’s almost 5 pm) because I don’t have an appetite. Also, even if I wanted to eat, my stomach refuses to keep food down. Help!

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  • Reply Nilyn Matugas September 18, 2017 at 11:40 am

    I hope you’re both get well soon. I got Nate his own nebulizer since Feb last year also and we were using it again the entire week. Today lang matatapos ang 7-days na reseta nya sa gamot. Haaay.

  • Reply Juvy Ann September 22, 2017 at 7:17 am

    I was an asthmatic child. Dust and changing weather are my triggers. I remember spending sleepless nights coughing and having difficulty breathing. Sometimes I would fell asleep seated since I can’t breath lying down. Hindi pa uso ang mga nebulizers noon. Good that I eventually outgrew it. I feel for your son. I hope he outgrow asthma aswell.

  • Reply Michi September 22, 2017 at 8:41 am

    Get well soon to both of you. A nebulizer is a good investment if you have asthma because you never know when you need it. My sister has asthma so she also has this, ang hirap talaga pag inatake ka.

  • Reply Nerisa September 22, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    Poor boy. I hope he’s okay na. Ang hirap when our kids are sick. 🙁

  • Reply Edel September 22, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    My daughter was prone to asthma attacks also when she was young. A teacher (her son has asthma also) suggested she drink Scott’s Emulsion (the orange syrup). It did help a bit in strengthening her immune system although I am also very vigilant with the food that she is eating (her asthma is triggered by sudden change in weather and some food allergy).

  • Reply Janice September 22, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    Glad to know that Yuri is feeling better already. I actually just attended an Omron CompAir nebulizer event this week and I really learned a lot about asthma and other respiratory diseases. They featured one of the smallest and quietest Omron nebulizers in the market and I really like it. The nebulizer we have at home now is so old and heavy!

  • Reply Gilian September 26, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Soup soup soup for you.
    We’re also using Omron, but different model. Nobody has asthma but we use it with plain saline to loosen any clogs in the nasal tract, especially when they can’t breathe properly.

  • Reply Berlin | Momi Berlin October 4, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    My two boys’ nebulizer is an Omron as well. I believe in the brand, too. We got the portable version and each boy has his own nebulizer. Thank God that they aren’t experiencing any attack now. Perhaps it’s true that swimming and sports heal asthma. My firstborn is into swimming and soccer.

  • Reply Kati Balayan November 15, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Hope your kid is feeling better now. I’ve had childhood asthma din and I had attacks in the worst places and scenarios (while reporting in class!). It’s good to know the triggers early pa lang so you can avoid it na or be prepared. Sakin is yung dust from uncleaned aircon vents and fibers sa carpets.

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