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Unique Back to School Finds at Gaisano Mall’s Grocery!

I know I’ve been mentioning Gaisano Mall a lot nowadays, and no I’m not paid to do it. It’s just my current favourite grocery at the moment! One of my absolute favourite things to do, which I may or may not be proud of, is to grocery shop, so I’m bound to have flavours of the month. Sometimes it’s SM, sometimes it’s S&R, right now it’s GMall!

The school year is about to start and I am not yet done with shopping. To complete my back to school shopping, aside from the usual bookstores and online shops and department stores, I’m planning to check out GMall’s grocery (again) because I spotted unique finds that I was not able to find anywhere else.

Like Pop-Tarts, Yuri’s current favourite hehe

Here are pictures of what caught my eye! (Forgive me for the poor quality; I was trying to be discreet as I was not sure whether taking pictures was allowed!)

And my favourite corner: the Buy 1 Take 1 shelves!

Usually imported items that are nearing their expiration dates

By nearing, I mean about 2-3 months before their expiration dates. Which is honestly not that far from the expiration dates of regular-priced items

Just one of the snack aisles

And organic cereal for the health conscious

An entire aisle of lunch boxes and water bottles, but this Rubbermaid set caught my eye. I think this was around P500 if I remember it correctly

Lysol wipes!

Silicone bathroom stuff like soap holders if your school requires them

Bento tools

Baking supplies

And party stuff

Educational toys from Melissa & Doug

Activity sets and art supplies

Backpacks and lunch bags (sorry for the photobomber!)

School supplies

More activity sets and art supplies

And more school supplies!

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  • Reply cheekeegirl May 30, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Wow! I never thought extensive na ang selection ng grocery nila. I love their grocery too kaso lang ang pangit ng parking nila…

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