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Piano Lessons and the No-Go Signal

Job and I differ in so many ways. One of the ways we differ is our interests. He’s a very active guy, loves to tinker with things, and loves sports. There are four sports he’s good in: swimming, soccer, baseball, and track and field.

On the other hand, the only sport I’ve ever competed in was Scrabble.

Kainis, ‘no? On top of that, I don’t know how to swim and ride a bike! I’m glad I know how to drive now — at least there’s something I know how to do.

Aside from that, I don’t know how to play musical instruments either. There was not much opportunity for me when I was a child because my parents prioritised education over everything else. Lessons were also expensive and my parents didn’t want to spend their money on that.

Just to make it clear, I don’t feel any resentment over it. I did learn how to write and got to read tons of books because I had all the time in the world. However, I do want Yuri to grow up playing sports, maybe even knowing martial arts, and playing musical instruments. In fact, over the summer vacation, I asked Yuri what he wanted to learn, and he said piano and violin. I kept that in mind and shared it with Job although there weren’t concrete plans made.

The Piano Lesson Promo

I didn’t think about it at all until last Friday. When I went to school to fetch Yuri, there was a lady outside the gate distributing leaflets for what was obviously a music/performance school and I just had to ask for one. I asked her where it was located, and she told me it’s just beside Yuri’s school. OMG!

I studied the leaflet while waiting for Yuri. They’re having a 50% discount promo, and it sounded like a really good deal to me.

Job is off from work on Fridays so I quickly snapped photos of the leaflet and sent it to him and waited for his go-signal. Meanwhile, I was already imagining Yuri as the next piano prodigy.

A go-signal from him is very important to me. This is not just because he’s paying for it or he’s his son’s father. I am a very impulsive person. Making big decisions on the spot is not foreign to me. On the other hand, Job likes to think things through. He never jumps into something without careful calculation, so more often than not, whatever new venture he’s entering, he’s already 101% prepared for it.

A simple decision (like piano lessons!) for me can be made in a split-second; for him, it takes weeks, sometimes months, sometimes years. Now you see why I need his go-signal; I can’t be trusted with myself! I also like to believe that God’s wisdom is better coursed through Job’s method of making decisions. With my style, sometimes I even forget to seek God’s wisdom.

The No-Go Signal

I was already super excited for Yuri to begin his piano lessons (or violin lessons, whichever was preferable). Unfortunately, I didn’t get the coveted go-signal from his dad. I was disappointed, but I understood the decision. I was especially appreciative of the fact that Job explained his reasons. According to him, Continue Reading


There Are Things You Keep To Yourself

There Are Things You Keep To Yourself

I’ve always been a secretive person.

Secretive blogger is not an oxymoron. Nope. You can be a blogger, a personal blogger, and not have to live a life that is an open book. Now, I consider myself a transparent person — I’ve been told that a number of times before — but that only means I’m transparent in the things I choose to share.

Even pre-social media, I’ve never been the type of person who is comfortable sharing all of her secrets. Only a few people know my crushes, my relationships, my most important experiences, my mess. Only a select group of people knows about the things we undergo as a family; only a handful knew about my father’s stroke 9 years back, only a handful knew about my brother’s accident 5 years back, and only a handful knows that my father’s undergoing dialysis now.

This is a personal motto that I’ve always gone by:

The things I value the most are the things I keep to myself.

So when social media came and became the norm, I just unknowingly brought that kind of thinking with me. There are just some things not meant to be shared to the general public. Thank goodness for blogs and privacy settings.

I’ve been bothered by other people’s lack of privacy-consciousness; there are still so many people without any qualms airing their dirty linen in public insisting that they have a right to write anything they want because they have freedom of speech.

And I’m not talking about just dirty linen. I don’t really want to read your sweet exchanges with your lover on my feed — there’s Facebook messenger for that. I don’t really need to know every single thing happening in your life. Sometimes, I think I know more about what is happening to a certain person I don’t really know on Facebook than what is happening to my own siblings.

This is not meant to be an attack against people who love sharing their lives on Facebook. I’m a blogger; I know how fun it is to document stuff. But there is also such a thing called oversharing. What if your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t want the world to know the gory details of your relationship? What if that “harmless” picture of your child actually violates his privacy? What if your “freedom of speech” can actually get you charged with online libel?

I thought concern over privacy was losing its popularity, so when I chanced upon this picture, I breathed a sigh of relief. Privacy, in the age of social media, still exists.

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