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A Summer Day Trip to Mati + Lupon

Three weeks ago, on Black Saturday, we went on a day tour to Davao Oriental. It was a semi-spur of the moment decision since it was just mentioned during Good Friday when a good neighbour of ours invited us to her hometown, Lupon. She was in charge of her town’s salubong so a number of our other neighbours were going to help. We didn’t have anything planned for Holy Week-end so we decided to go on a day trip.

Also, I haven’t been to Mati yet, and it’s a booming tourist destination, so I was excited!

Nope, we weren’t cramped into the back seat all the time. When we started driving, Yuri transferred to the second row with his grandparents. My sister and I commonly take the third row seat when the car is a full-house.

The municipality of Lupon is around a 3-hour drive from our home in Davao City. However, we got there early and our neighbour didn’t even arrive yet, so we decided to go to Mati City first, which is another 30-40 minute trip.


Sleeping Dinosaur

Mati Baywalk


Yuri got mad (actually, tampo) at me because I wouldn’t let him swim in Dahican. For one, even though we all wore sunblock, it was really really reaaalllly hot that day. Second, the waves were literally crashing in Dahican, which just explains why surfers flock to the resort. Maybe when you’re older, Yuri, lolol.


After going around Mati, we went to Lupon. We were treated to a lunch at an eatery, where the food was good and the servings were huge. Then, this looong line of ukay-ukay along the road piqued our curiosity so we just had to check it out. Yuri and his grandparents didn’t come with us, of course.

There were so many stalls of ukay-ukay; unfortunately, there was nothing there that I think was worthy to buy (and wash and disinfect). But we still had fun walking and looking at things.

(No pictures of aforementioned ukay-ukay for obvious reasons hehehe.)

Another travel itch scratched!

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