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The Tale of Yuri’s First Sick Day

Oh thank God for sick leaves.

I’m blogging now because I found some time to do so because, well, I’m on leave and Yuri’s sleeping. Just a little segue before I continue. I miss this! I miss being able to write about the most mundane things. A few years back, I blogged almost everyday (that was when I had a yaya and a helper) – a luxury I can no longer afford these days. I’m lucky if I’m able to write twice a week. Sometimes, wala talaga. And I miss being able to let the words flow like no one’s reading!

It’s the second (and last) day of my sick leave actually but I’m not the one who’s sick. It’s Yuri. It’s kinda a big deal for me because, not counting his first days on earth (he swallowed his meconium in utero so he had to be confined in the NICU for a week), this is the first time he’s like seriously sick.

His fever began Tuesday afternoon, just a couple of hours after getting home from enrichment school (Eye Level). It was also the first time I was able to drive him to and from school so I thought it was my fault lol.

Yeah, for what it's worth? Achievement unlocked!

Yeah, for what it’s worth? Achievement unlocked!

Anyway, I let the fever run its course (while giving him paracetamol) and kept him hydrated because it’s what I usually do. However, by Wednesday morning, I had to take a leave from work because his fever rose to 38 degrees. But by Wednesday afternoon, his temperature was back to 36 degrees so we even took him with us when we went to the airport to fetch a relative.


He was still eating Pepero then

But Yuri wasn’t his active self by evening. We had dinner at Bistro Selera, but he didn’t eat anything. He tried to eat a spoonful of rice and crispy pata (yasss) but he cried saying it was too painful to swallow. I took his temperature (yes I bring a digital thermometer with me…) and it was 37.6 degrees. I had to send another message to our office manager, asking for another day of leave because I knew I had to take him to the doctor na.

This morning, before we went to the hospital, I gave him yoghurt for breakfast. He threw up a little but continued eating afterwards. Then, while waiting for the doctor, he threw up again. Crap, I left my wipes in the car. I had to keep myself from physically pinching myself. How could I forget wipes, out of all things?

I couldn’t leave the waiting area (because the line’s already starting to get longer and I wouldn’t give up my second place in the queue) so I called my mum if she can please go to the hospital to give me the wipes and some alcohol. While waiting, I – as well as the other parents – had to endure the stench. Good thing I had tissue, a towel, and water in my bag so at least I can wipe most of the thing off. And good thing Yuri only had yoghurt for breakfast. At least it didn’t smell so bad. I hope.


By the way, since our original pedia is now based in Cebu (huhu), we had to transfer to my sister’s pediatrician, who is quite known for having a lot of patients lining up everyday. Of course she’s been my sister’s pedia since 2001 so we know all about her reputation. Takeaway: when your pediatrician is Doctor Siasu of San Pedro Hospital, either reserve for a slot or go there really early. 8 am early (she doesn’t arrive until around 10:30 or 11).

Anyway, Doc Siasu checked on Yuri and found cold sores at the back of his mouth, around his throat. Poor guy! While she was checking Yuri, he still looked quite weak. Actually, he almost slept in the waiting area, poor little boy.

Doc Siasu: Saan ang masakit sa ‘yo? Masakit throat mo?

Yuri: A little bit (with matching hand gesture pero naiiyak na)

Doc said it would really hurt to swallow and recommended getting him ice cream instead. Aba, the little boy perked up! Doc also said the fever would run its course for 3 more days so I shouldn’t be surprised if his temperature rises again. Meanwhile, I am to continue giving him paracetamol and she prescribed Kamilosan. Yuri hates it but do we have a choice? Lol.


Also, I must be on the lookout for sores that might sprout on his hands and feet because that spells Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. So far, nothing’s sprouting. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be HFMD so we can have some fun this weekend!


After our checkup, Yuri said, “Let’s buy ice cream para magfeel better na ako!” Aba, aba, aba. Of course I bought him ice cream and his favourite food because he hasn’t been eating for almost a day. Right now he’s back to his normal active self but I’ll still be monitoring. And I’ll be back to work tomorrow!

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  • Reply cheekeegirl October 21, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    What’s Kamilosan for?

    • Reply Maan October 24, 2016 at 7:25 am

      Sore throat, cold sores, gingivitis, marami pa according to the label haha

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