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School Fiesta and Intramurals Week – TGIF!

I thought exam week was busy. I couldn’t wait for exam week to be over so that I could finally catch a break.

I was so naive. 

This week was ten times busier than exam week! Last week, we only had to study for the exams, and their schedule, which was 4 days/1 subject per day, was very manageable. I even liked their time, 9:30 am, which I thought was a perfect fit for my work hours.

My hatid-sundo OOTD: my favorite striped shirt, River Island denim jeans (because shorts are not allowed), and Toms.

Yuri’s school is celebrating its Fiesta and Intramurals this week, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve been exhausted since Monday! Yuri is actually enrolled in the afternoon class, but since this week called for various celebrations, they needed to be in school at 7:30 am. Waking up early is not the problem, especially for me because I wake up at 5:30 everyday. The problem is that it throws us off our usual routines — both Yuri and I thrive on routine so it was truly a challenge.

Had to be very quick in preparing Yuri’s baon, for starters! In this lunch box: Mini Oreos, Milkana cheese, yema cake, and a banana

But it was a fun week, and I’m glad I was there. I’m still feeling bitter hehe about their Nutrition Month culmination. Growing up, we just had a simple program, went back to our classrooms after, and had regular class. This time, I didn’t know they had events and activities planned, and I wasn’t there at all while the other mommies were! After that, I made sure I’ll be present in all events.

The Flower Boy

Yuri was given his first ever school responsibility last Tuesday, a day before the school’s Fiesta mass. When I arrived to fetch him, I was informed that Yuri, along with another boy and two girls in his class, will be bringing flowers to the mass. I thought everyone in Kindergarten was required to bring flowers, but they just chose representatives per grade level.

Of course, palengke is the answer! We didn’t buy right after leaving school because I felt it was still too early, so we went home first and took a nap. Well, Yuri did. He didn’t wake up until around 4:45 pm and we still had to go to the neighborhood kiddie barbershop for an overdue haircut.

After that, we finally left for the palengke! It was a good thing I chanced upon my co-mommy there, whose son was also assigned, because nadamay kami sa discounted price n’ya. Yay!

Here’s our 100-petot flower arrangement.

Wednesday, the day of the Fiesta mass, started on a hectic note because we were running late! We arrived just in time as his classmates were already lining up to go to the gym. Side note: They’re still using the gym for events. I wonder what happened to the auditorium they were building when I was still in high school?

I thought the flowers were to be offered at the mass na, during offertory. Turns out they’ll be having a procession pa pala around the school. I’m glad Yuri, as well as his peers, behaved well during the procession. Even when they forgot (I think) about him and Carl, the other flower boy in his class, and they were left at the end of the line (they were the youngest kids!) haha. They remembered the kindergarteners during the last part of the procession before they went upstage and placed them in front, so all’s good.

Sorry for the poor quality. I was maybe 40 feet away! 😂

Go, Red Cavalry!

My son in kindergarten and my sister in 10th grade, ready for Intrams!

Unlike when I was younger, they’re only having 2-day Intramurals now. It’s a good break from academics for the students, but  for me, it was just as stressful, if not more, lol! I, along with the other parents and guardians, decided to stay in school until dismissal because the kids will be in and out of the classroom and will likely be sweaty and thirsty because of the hot weather. Yep, it’s sweltering in Davao!

Intramurals OOTD 🏃🏻

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To be clear, I wasn’t hovering, like at all! I think he was barely aware I was there haha. Also, parents and guardians are only allowed to stay in school during events like this. I just made it a point to be in the premises just in case. And I have to do that while working! I’m glad I have a job that allows me to be a parent.

Go red team! 💪🏻💃

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It was fun watching the little kids get into team spirit. They were placed on the team, Red Cavalry (the school has four teams: Yellow Sentinels, Rajah Saffrons, Blue Tallions, and Red Cavalry). I’m pretty sure everyone knows that the youngest pupils are just saling pusa haha, but it was still exciting to watch them root for their colors!

Side note: They need to wear their team colors, and since he has outgrown his last red shirt, we had to buy 2 new ones (for 2 days of Intramurals). Headed to SM Lanang and was not disappointed! Marvel glow-in-the-dark Spiderman shirt regularly priced at P250. Paw Patrol hooded shirt at 50% off, so it was just P125!

I should go back and buy more shirts while they’re still on sale…

Anyway, my favorite part, admittedly, is the food fair! There were simple booths and stalls put up, with some of the tenants being school-parents and working students. I enjoyed looking at everything being sold, although I didn’t buy a lot because 1.) I didn’t bring a lot of money on purpose, and 2.) it was hard to balance food and drinks while carrying a laptop.

Also, the whole area was literally teeming with people!

I hope they’ll level up next time and put more effort into creating cuter booths, but I’m glad all the tenants followed school rules and didn’t sell junk food and only used recyclable material for plates and utensils. Note the paper cups and wooden spoon used below…

My 25-petot snack this morning. Gotta love school fairs!

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The booth from where I bought the fresh juice and baked macaroni pictured above had 10-peso chocolate cake pops that Yuri absolutely loved… and he doesn’t even like chocolate! I tried them and they were really good because they used dark chocolate. I think it was Yuri’s classmate’s mom who owned the booth. It’s a pity I wasn’t able to take a picture!

Most of the food we tried tasted good and were really cheap (read: student-friendly prices). 😍

My boy enjoying mango ice cream sold by working students

Looking forward to the next school event!

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