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National Bookstore’s Color and Calligraphy 2017

One of my absolute favourite stores in the world is National Bookstore.

It’s a no-brainer. I love books, pens, notebooks, stationery, school supplies, art supplies, even office supplies like staplers and tape dispensers. Where else to go but NBS? Nothing compares.

When I first knew about National Bookstore’s Color and Calligraphy fair, I was sure I was going to be there. I was already salivating at the thought of all the art and calligraphy supplies. I would figuratively drown in 0.5 tips and brush tips and at least 150 gsm paper. What got me jumping up and down, though, was an invitation to be part of their media preview. Oh, National Bookstore, you don’t need to tell me twice!

I got to Abreeza a few minutes after it opened, but at the atrium, where the Color and Calligraphy fair was happening, people were already milling around. I noticed teenagers and young kids examining the booths and claiming some spots in the art tables. Nice one, kids! I myself felt like I was in an art heaven of some sort. I think all the art supplies you will possibly need were there!

This is going to be a two-part post. For this part, I’ll give you a virtual tour of what I saw in the Color and Calligraphy fair. Prepare for picture overload!

Faber Castell

Brands exclusive to National Bookstore

Young people getting busy!

NBS-exclusive art supplies for professionals and enthusiasts

Hands down the pretties booth last Saturday

Pretty display in the same booth

Another pretty display

Limelight, Evo, and Sharpie

Sketch books and notebooks

Brush pens and gel pens from Sakura

Paper products from Prestige Paper

The popular Artline Stix!


Pilot! I personally swear by all Frixion products

More Pilot pens!

The cult fave Chameleon

Even more art supplies

Hand-lettering books

Uni pens!

Color and Calligraphy fair

Art supplies and activities for everyone

Freebies abound

Uni has holy grail status among many planner communities

Marvy Uchida

Different paper products demonstrated

Calligraphy in action!

More pens from Sakura

And more art supplies from Sakura

More art supplies again

National Bookstore’s exclusive products presented

Up next, all the loot I got from the different brands that took part in National Bookstore’s Craft and Calligraphy fair!

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