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Hello, hello! We are fresh out of sembreak and we’re currently in the middle of the 2nd Quarter of the school year. We are about to take our second monthly exam for the quarter (there are 2 per quarter + 1 quarterly exam) next week, so we will probably enter the 3rd Quarter of the year come December. Ang bilis!

I’m still pleasantly surprised at how well our homeschooling year is going. Truth be told, there’s 80-90% chance that we are still going to enroll with Chosen Homeschool  next school year. We are loving the laidback, low-stress setup and the balance between structure and flexibility.

(I hope the low-stress lifestyle meant having more time to blog, but a lot of my time is eaten up by managing the household and juggling two part-time jobs. I am trying, though. :P)

Anyway, I’m showing you our homeschool classroom today! Our classroom used to be the home office, but because nobody was using it anymore, it became sort of a stockroom. In other words, bodega haha. When we made the decision to homeschool this year, it was clear that we were going to convert the office into a classroom.

It’s a very simple, no-frills classroom. I had the walls repainted as well as an old rattan dining set. We spent days cleaning the space. Oh, and I did not buy a single piece of furniture. The only things I bought were our actual school supplies like paper and ring binders. Okay, enough, talk, pictures na. 😛

The homeschool classroom space

White board with weekly schedule, daily schedule, and memory verse of the week. By the way, I printed that signage above and placed it inside an old picture frame.

Converted (and repainted) table. This photo was taken in September. Right now, that wall has Yuri’s class paintings and solar system poster

Old sofa + random caddy

Bulletin board with Yuri’s class schedule, reading tracker, and artwork

15-year old keyboard with matching alikabok

Printing station. I used to use a Brother laser printer for Yuri’s worksheets but it doesn’t print in color so I “borrowed” my mom’s HP inkjet printer

Books, notebooks, and ring binders. I also have some dry erase sheets in there and a box of pencils, etc.

Some of the books on Yuri’s reading list + art supplies

Some games and manipulatives

Extra notebooks + painting supplies

Fasteners and stickies

More school essentials: pencils, pens, glue, scissors…

Yuri’s Pikachu lamp + essential oils

Hygiene tray with alcohol, tissue, wipes, extra clothing, bandages, etc.

Old water dispenser na walang tubig hehe

Snack container, refilled weekly

Teacher’s “side” with current book of the week. I got the portable diffuser from

And that’s our simple homeschool classroom! Again, as you may have noticed, it’s not exactly Pinterest-y. To be honest, I was tempted to buy new desks, shelves, and those cute and trendy rolling carts (those were everywhere!), but I’m glad I didn’t because our current setup is so much more comfortable. The re-purposed dining table is so spacious and Yuri can do his artwork comfortably. The space is more than enough for Yuri’s supplies, too, so I wouldn’t even know what to do with additional desks and trollies.

In short, the moral of the story is, when creating a homeschool classroom, you don’t have to follow trends or buy what everyone else is buying! What you already have at home just might be what you need.

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