Happy New Year! Here’s My One Word for 2019

Oh wow, what just happened? One minute I was still shopping for Christmas gifts and the next minute, it’s already the 3rd of January. In 2019.

I had planned to blog more often — which obviously didn’t come to fruition — but I still have so much to say so here I am! I wasn’t even able to write about the big decision that I made towards the last quarter of 2018. Since I haven’t given up on writing that post, I won’t go into details here.

Now, 2019. Hello, hello! I think 2018 was quite a rollercoaster of a year for me. There were a lot of big things that happened, a lot of highlights here and there, and I’m very grateful for everything that has happened. I can’t wait to write about the highlights of my 2018 given that I wasn’t able to blog much!

Although it’s fun to write a list of New Year’s resolutions, I find that deciding on One Word to focus on for the rest of the year is much more helpful for me. This is something that I have done every year since 2016 (my 4th year now!) and it’s amazing that each One Word pretty much spoke for the year they represent.

One Word for 2016
One Word for 2017
One Word for 2018

Last year, my One Word was Move, and incredibly so, it was the year that, with God’s guidance and the support of my loved ones, I made big decisions and took a giant leap of faith. It was a great year but it didn’t come without struggles — they were plenty. Still, these struggles, along with the big decisions, only made my One Word truer.

This year, I hope to be able to turn these big decisions into long-lasting paths. I pray for more opportunities to open, for more progress. Personally, I aim to make 2019 my best year yet in terms of health and personal growth. I pray to meet the right people, to be put in the right direction, and — because this is my planting season — be able to sow correct seeds in the right places.

For 2019, this is my One Word:

Believe me, it’s not easy ending up with such a positive, optimistic word like this. What if 2019 ends and I don’t bloom at all? What if the year doesn’t live up to my One Word? Then again, anything is possible with the Lord and I want to meet the new year with a cheerful, bright disposition. With the Lord, I am confident about my future and I’m sure he has something amazing for me and my family this year! I’m going to bloom!

What is your One Word for 2019?

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