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Dental Appointment + Outfit Twinning + School Supplies Shopping

Happy mother’s day! Personally, even though I’m a mama myself, I don’t really celebrate mother’s day. However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it either. So if it empowers you as a mother, go ahead and celebrate your being awesome!

Dental Appointment

Last weekend was another full weekend for me. Saturday was Yuri’s and my sister’s dental appointment. My sister had her teeth “molded” in plaster in preparation for her braces. Her teeth were overlapping so she needs to have them fixed.

Yuri was also scheduled for a check-up. Good news is that unlike last year, where he didn’t even want to sit on the chair by himself, now he did it willingly and without any prodding.

The bad news is that some of his molars had decay (this, despite brushing his teeth 2-3 times a day — sugar is the culprit, as usual) and our dentist recommended filling them in. Yikes! Yes, we are serious about dental hygiene, but Yuri does eat a lot of bread and pasta and sweets. So there. Also, I’m also suspecting Yuri’s current toothpaste, but it’s just a suspicion not to be taken seriously lels.

Dentist’s tip: Even if your oral hygiene is great, if you eat a lot of carbs and sugar in between brushing, you’re still at risk of getting cavities. In her words, it’s not just how often you brush your teeth but what you eat in between. So limit carbs and sugar! 

As we all know, filling requires taking out the decaying part of the tooth by “grinding” them. She told me she will have to refer me to a pediatric dentist because most boys Yuri’s age don’t cooperate and need to be sedated. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sedation, and I think our dentist (she’s been our dentist since I was a toddler) noticed that, so she asked me if I would like her to try filling just one tooth. I agreed, of course. I’m much more comfortable with her compared to a new dentist.

“Grinding” hehe

Yay yay yay! Yuri did not only fully cooperate but also didn’t even cry. Thank you, Lord! He flinched at the first touch of the “grinder” but didn’t move away from it or complain. When Doc was done, he even gave her a thumbs-up sign. We could’ve proceeded with another tooth but there was another patient waiting so we’ll return next week. Hopefully everything will be finished before the school year starts.

Tired from the appointment? Hahaha

Outfit Twinning with Yuri!

I may not necessarily celebrate Mother’s Day but that doesn’t mean I won’t dress up for it! My close friend, JM, sells twinning outfits for mothers and daughters, but occasionally, she sells mom and son outfits. When one came out in Yuri’s size, I just had to get it.

Dress from Mommy Trends, old cardigan, old Coach bag, Crocs flats
Yuri: Shirt from Mommy Trends, Oshkosh shorts, Converse sneakers

Wow I miss doing an OOTD! I rarely have OOTD photos taken nowadays because I feel insecure about how I currently look lol but I just can’t help it with this outfit. I find it so cute! I love that it’s not tacky (in fact, you will need to be really observant to notice that our outfits match) but they look good together.

It’s in the details

And I’m not just saying this because JM is my friend. I really love the clothes and I love how I look in it haha!

School Supplies Shopping

Why is it that the younger the student is, the longer the list of supplies?! Yuri’s requirement list, which we got from school after we enrolled (which reminds me — I forgot to write a post about it!), is an entire bond paper filled with names of supplies. And that’s just the basics.

I wasn’t planning to buy school supplies earlier because I wanted to set a date for it to get everything done. However, at Gaisano Mall (we like going to Gaisano Mall now because the Pop-Tarts are there haha), I saw that the entire atrium was turned into a school supply fair. While I love National Bookstore, the prices are lower in GMall. For example, a box of Crayola So-Big in NBS is like P110; there, an exact same box is just P88. Elmer’s Glue is P25 for 50 ml; there it’s just P19. A big difference considering my tendency to hoard, and the fair is right there in front of me, so I decided to just buy whatever I could buy.

There were also socks, underwear, uniforms, bags, lunch boxes and bags, even hygiene stuff. Virtually everything a student’s going to need for school. So I bought na what I can buy. 

Just a feeeewwww of what I bought. I didn’t take a picture of the entire haul anymore because it’s just boring academic stuff lels

I was personally curious about the lesson plan notebooks and the So Big Crayolas. They’re required to use lesson plan notebooks (with blue and red lines), and I saw K-12 ones from DepEd itself. So maybe it’s also a requirement in other schools? I don’t know. I do remember that when I was in Grade 1, we used lesson plan notebooks, too.

Yuri has never used So Big crayons. When he was about 2, I bought him toddler crayons that he rarely used since our old crazy yaya misplaced them. I saw them again just last year and they’re still unused. Yuri has always used regular crayons and never had a problem using them even when he didn’t know how to hold a pencil. So it came to me as a surprise that his school is requiring So Big crayons. I thought they were for nursery students or something. I didn’t know Senior Kindergarteners were also using them. Will the teacher allow Yuri to use regular crayons if he finds these jumbo ones too uncomfortable to use? Hmmm….

There were some items on my list that I didn’t find there but at least I’m already more than halfway done with school shopping. Woot woot!

How did you spend your weekend, mommies?

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  • Reply Nerisa May 18, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    It was one hectic weekend you had. Shopping for school supplies is really exciting. I’m excited to shop for my little boy’s school supplies – this year I will be enlisting his help so he will feel that his choices are important. 🙂

  • Reply Michi May 18, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    Baligtad tayo, when my son was in Nursery and Kinder, wala ko binibili na supplies. When I transferred him to traditional school, pahaba ng pahaba na listahan ko. I just saw the list nga and nanlalaki na mata ko at may mga 100 pcs of long and short bond paper na ko na nakita. Napakadami naman. hehehe!

  • Reply Above Precious Rubies May 19, 2017 at 7:20 am

    I used mother’s day to ask money from Dane for a treat so I can have a facial and his mama can have a massage! haha. Pero speaking of Yuri’s dental experience – good job, Yuri! Naku, si Nate pa naman, malakas din sa sweets. I will remember that. I have a terrible tooth decay experience growing up. Unta di niya ma experience.

  • Reply Berlin | Momi Berlin May 22, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    I really find you so energetic and driven. You could do a lot of things in one day at different places pa. And the good thing is your son Yuri could always catch up on you. Love National Bookstore, too. I used to buy a lot when there but now that I am more of a domesticated person na, I just look online for books I would love to buy and purchase one if I have the resources.

    Too bad your Yuri needed that filling at a young age. Makes me want to check my boys’ teeth din. And we really need that dentist visit hanggang school break. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Reply Janice May 22, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    Oh I am dreading my son’s trip to the dentist in a few weeks. Some of his teeth has decay already too and I know it’s because he really loves sweets. I hope he’ll be as brave as Yuri when his dentist attempts to do some fillings on his teeth.

  • Reply Angel Caronongan-Enero June 1, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Love the twinning, nung una, I haven’t noticed it. I seldom see twinning online shops for mama and sons. Followed it on FB 🙂 Oh no, my 2 year old daughter is starting to eat sweets 🙁 Although, she loves brushing her teeth naman.

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