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5 Productivity Apps I’m Loving Right Now

Probably my entire life is in my phone. Hands up everyone who can relate!

As embarrassing as it is, I know I couldn’t function well without a smartphone. I mean, I could live without it, but my performance as a WAHM will surely suffer! This is because I’m super dependent on productivity apps, and I’m not referring to just work productivity. I also refer to personal finance, health, and overall well-being. I know these are unnecessary but I feel more “in control” of my life with these apps.

So what are my current favourite productivity apps? Here they are:

1. MoneyLover

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A Girl’s Review of Windows 10

Windows 10 review

Have you tried the all-new Windows 10?

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 last Saturday — and I’m loving it. It’s the best

I reserved my upgrade about 2 months ago, and I seriously couldn’t wait for July 29 to come. When the day finally came, I thought everyone who had reserved would automatically get notified and receive the upgrade. Apparently, that was not the case as Microsoft was rolling out upgrades gradually. This explained why it was already the 31st and I still didn’t get any notification.

Then impatient-me discovered that there was another way to upgrade — through Microsoft itself. You only need to download their Media Creation Tool, run it, follow the instructions, wait, and say hello to Windows 10. I ran the installer last Saturday, and I had to wait for 6 hours to complete the entire installation process. Some of my friends only waited for an hour, while some 5 hours or more. Since my laptop is fairly new (Intel i3), I guess the internet connection factor also plays into the wait.

Windows 10 upgrade

But the wait was totally worth it. At least for me. I’ve been through several Windows OS — and when I say several, I mean Windows 95, Windows 98, even Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 — and this is, so far, my absolute favourite OS. These are the reasons:

1. The interface is beautiful.

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