Brownouts: Here We Go Again!

A couple of years ago, we were struck with daily rotational brownouts — there were days when we didn’t have electricity for 7 full hours. When that finally ended, I heaved a huge sigh of relief. I thought the ordeal was over, for good.

Fast forward to 2016. Hello again, rotational brownouts!

These brownouts actually started last year, but it didn’t last long (or does my memory fail me?), and it wasn’t that bothersome since the weather isn’t as hot as it is now. Also, the longest power interruptions were just around 2 hours? Yep, 2 hours of brownout doesn’t faze me anymore.

Just this week, we’ve gone back to four hours of power interruption. In this heat! In fact, right now, I’m just waiting for the power to go off so we could go to our suking grocery store. Might as well escape the heat while the power is still out.

To be honest, I’m not complaining. I find it hard to complain about little things like power interruptions when our farmers are starving because the land is too dry and hard to till.

Four-hour brownout last night

Four-hour brownout last night

However, I cannot deny that it comes with a lot of inconveniences. For starters, I work from home so electricity and internet connection are my sole burdens. Once my laptop or phone runs out of juice, I have no choice but to stop working. But my inconveniences are nothing compared to others’. My heart goes out to those who are paid hourly and, thus, don’t get paid when they fail to go online. Or those who freelance and need to attend to a particular client’s needs during a specific period of time. Or those who don’t have laptops of their own. And countless of others who don’t have the means to combat power interruptions.

I am very blessed to be working with good employers and colleagues who understand the situation. Shout out to the awesome team of Stay At Home MumBut it certainly doesn’t feel nice to be unproductive and unavailable. All I could do is hope that this situation gets fixed as soon as possible!

What to do during brownouts: make a list and check it twice

What to do during brownouts: make a list and check it twice

Okay, the power just went off and I’ve got to go to the grocery — we’re buying food for our weekend escapade in Maragusan. We need to escape the city heat, yo! I’ll prolly write a second edition of what to do during brownouts when I find the time, but let’s hope I need not write about that anymore!

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