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Broker Duties, Lunch with Friends, and Discovering Where to Buy Pop-Tarts!

I had a full day last Saturday. It started quite early (at least for me, because I don’t usually get up early on Saturdays) at 9:00 am and, as usual, Yuri was with me the entire day. It seems like he has completely adopted to being out and about — he prefers it over being left at home.

Which is completely fine with me because Yuri is at this age where he can take care of himself (most of the time) and he can even help around (with tiny tasks like getting himself a cup of water). Also, the boy tends to be silly so he’s very welcome company!

Real Estate Broker Duties

In the morning, we went to the Open House event of this new subdivision called Diamond Heights. They’re relatively new but their houses are selling literally like pancakes. It happened that they also started accepting reservations during the Open House event so it was literally a full-house. There were a lot of brokers and clients there.

With the brother of our client (the client works in Dubai)

We went there early but were already 13th in the registration form. It was a bit stressful because our client wants a corner lot, and there were only a handful of corner lots being opened for reservation! Thank goodness we were still included in the first 10 buyers because our client was already there with us. Because of this, our client enjoyed a nice promo and was able to choose a good corner location.

Lunch with my Soul Sisters

We don’t really plan it, but it seems like meeting with my closest friends since college happens once a month. This time, there were only three of us because JM is busy organising a wedding in Kidapawan City while Christine is still in Japan. It’s easiest for Hazel, George, and I to meet up because we just live in Davao City.

Red Corner, Gaisano Mall branch

Yuri and his tita-girlfriend, Hazel

This time, we decided to have lunch in Red Corner. I already wrote a review of it last year, and it’s pretty much the same, except for the branch. While it was in their Mabini branch last time, this time, I was able to eat at their newly opened branch in Gaisano Mall.

Cookies and cream milkshake

Cheese fries

Golden Boy burger

Food was pretty much the same. This time, though, I just ordered a regular burger (Golden Boy) for Yuri and me because we already ate at the Open House event. The bread still tastes good and the patty just as juicy. I just wasn’t totally crazy over it this time, probably because I wasn’t very hungry.

Taken by Hazel

We also had coffee (I had matcha) at Little Dorothy Cafe, which has the same owner as Cafe Annabelle’s.

Hazel, George, and me (grabbed from Hazel’s cam because all the pictures on mine are the crazy ones)

Grocery Shopping with Yuri!

When we were in college, a meet-up or even just a regular hang-out entailed long hours of partying and drinking and whatever we wanted to do. Because we are all adults now, a meet-up just means 2-3 hours of eating, drinking coffee, and chit chat. After that, we need to part ways to take care of our respective responsibilities lololol.

Upon parting ways with Hazel and George, Yuri and I proceeded to do our (my) favourite chore: grocery shopping! I don’t know what it is with grocery shopping that makes me feel so euphoric. Shopping for clothes and even bags doesn’t even feel remotely the same. If you want to boost my mood, bring me to a grocery store.

Somebody please take a decent picture of us…

I especially like doing groceries at Gaisano Mall because they have everything. I love SM, but it is GMall’s grocery that has everything (okay, maybe except the shoes and clothes). In fact, one of the reasons why it took me long to get an S&R membership is because I can pretty much buy a lot of US goods in Gaisano Mall anyway. I get it that S&R has its own perks, but in a pinch, I would choose to shop at GMall’s grocery. They’re a lot cheaper most of the time!

(It’s a pity it is so difficult to park at Gaisano Mall, though!)

Yuri and I took our sweet time (pun not intended) browsing the snack aisles. My 5-year old was particularly delighted because we discovered they’re already selling Pop Tarts! In single packs! You see, I don’t like buying a whole box of Pop Tarts because it’s pretty expensive for just a snack — not to mention it’s not good for Yuri anyway.


We (or was it just I?) also had an awesome time looking for things Yuri can use for school. We already have a list of requirements, but we’re not going to buy all of them until next week. Still, it was fun “canvassing.” I even bought Yuri a lunch box because it was priced at 50% off. It was a Biokips lunch box. I was originally looking at the Lock and Lock ones, but Yuri wanted the Biokips better. I don’t know why; they look the same to me. But I bought it anyway since Yuri likes it and it’s on 50% discount. Not bad!

Plus, I may or may not have bought a few bento tools to go with it.

Obviously, I had so much fun at the grocery store last Saturday hahaha. I took a lot of pictures so stay tuned for my next post about the School Finds that piqued my curiosity at GMall!

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  • Reply Janice May 11, 2017 at 8:53 am

    Such a full day! You’re lucky you still get to meet up with your friends once a month. I only get to hang out with mine whenever there’s an occasion to celebrate. Everyone is just SO busy!

  • Reply Nerisa May 11, 2017 at 9:27 am

    When you are doing errands with your little kid, you will not fail to see a toy in the picture, no? I see Mater’s having a nice time eating fries hahaha 😀 but kidding aside, when I go grocery shopping with my kid, we spend lots of time debating if we would need to buy this snack or not hahaha

  • Reply Berlin | Momi Berlin May 11, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Shows you really are a happy person. You could go to an open house and meet friends after then do some groceries still. Happy peeps just do things they love and that smile cant leave their lips.

  • Reply Michi May 11, 2017 at 4:24 pm

    Lucky you that you have time to meet your college friends, kami maswerte na ang once a year magkita. 🙂 We don’t have the school supplies list yet, so mukhang last minute na pamimili na naman ito. Ang bilis, lapit na magback to school.

  • Reply Above Precious Rubies May 12, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    Hi Maan! Since you love grocery shopping, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Snapcart, but if you haven’t yet, I think it’s perfect for you! Mao jud akong gihunahuna while reading this. Basically, you get a rebate every time you snap a grocery receipt in the app. Last Nov. lang ko member, so far, naa na koy 620+ pesos nga redeemable cash. lol. Pero wa pa nako gi cash out, gihulat nako mag 1k, lol. Pero daghan kog nadunggan nga nag cash out na either via mobile phone credit or to bank account.

    • Reply Maan May 12, 2017 at 5:50 pm

      OMG Nilyn sakit kaayo akong experience anang Snapcart. Have used it even before the iOS app came out, tapos continued on iOS when it was finally available. Dako na ko og cash didto huhu peroooo all of a sudden, katong on vacation ko sa Luzon, nawala akong account. As in nawala, I can’t log in na, tapos unregistered na akong email address. I contacted customer service about it pero wala jud reply huhuhu

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