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An Afternoon at Cafe Annabelle’s

Cafe Annabelles'

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I’ve been noticing Cafe Annabelle’s for a while now. It’s this quaint and dainty cafe right in front of Ayala Abreeza mall’s Robinsons grocery; it’s hard to miss it in its pink and white glory!

I’m not sure when it opened exactly since I rarely grocery-shop at Abreeza, but the first time I saw the cafe, I knew I had to try it sometime! You know naman, anything cute and pretty with food thrown into the mix piques my curiosity. ūüôā

Finally, I was able to try¬†Cafe¬†Annabelle’s last Sunday with my super-friends.

First Impressions

I already knew it would be a convenient choice since it was inside a mall and had a small play-area. However, I did think that the cafe itself would be cramped. Upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cafe was actually spacious!

I also super love the decor. I couldn’t leave our table to take photos of the details (dalang dala sa chismisan), but I keenly observed the little things they included to build a relaxing (and kikay) atmosphere. You can take a lot of Instagram-worthy photos here!


I won’t deny that I have a bias toward cushioned seating. After all, I am a mom of a toddler boy, so I look forward to comfy seating a after hours of running.

Cafe¬†Annabelle’s mostly has little wooden seats (similar to Sea Green Cafe’s) – there’s only one couch – but they added cushions. It would have been great, but there are many seats that have missing cushions.

Play Area

The play area is a nice touch. I can’t complain since I don’t know any other restaurants with play-areas inside them. I am inclined to think that the owner might have little kids, too. It honestly isn’t big, so you might want to avoid going when there are already a lot of kids inside. But I like that they included books aside from toys!

PS: I’m in love with the wall stencils!


I only ordered smoothies and desserts that afternoon because I was craving for something sweet. The smoothies are yummy and rich; they don’t taste watered down at ¬†all. I also like how the strawberry smoothie (what I ordered) had a bit of a tangy flavor.

I ordered a Strawberry Smoothie for myself and a Triple Chocolate Smoothie for my sister. Each costs P120.

As for the cakes, they taste delicious but are nothing out of the ordinary. I did like them, but if I were to return, I will order something else (maybe the pasta?). However, the best thing about the cakes are the big slices!

(Sorry, my sister took a bite)

Both Oreo Cheesecake and Chocolate Raspberry Torte are P110/slice.

My friends ordered the Tuna Pesto and the Pancakes, but I did not taste them because I was too busy making chika.


Service is, at its best, acceptable. Not very commendable, that’s for sure, but I don’t have any complaints either. Wait, scratch that, the staff needs some training on friendliness and warmness. I felt that they were too stiff, which doesn’t go well with the homey ambiance of the cafe.

Well, perhaps I’m just used to eating in restaurants with waitstaff who are really friendly toward children. But if they want to attract mom customers by having a play-area, the staff might as well be friendly, too.

Overall, Cafe Annabelle’s is a nice place to spend your afternoon at. I haven’t tried a lot of their food to recommend it, and I have neutral feelings toward the staff, but the ambiance of the cafe makes up for these. Like in my case, this is the perfect place for hands-on moms to meet with their friends because of the play-area, and the prices are affordable, too. Finally, this place is just too Pin-teresting to resist!

PS: It’s October! Merry Christmas ulit! Hee hee

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