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Our 3 Must-Haves For Fighting Flu

It’s flu season again!

Actually, we (at least in our household) get flu throughout the year, but the intense weather — hot days alternating with gloomy, rainy days — take toll on our immune system so we catch a cold more often these months. In fact, I am coughing while typing this, while Yuri is sneezing. Boo!

He had to miss school the other day. So I'm posting this picture of Yuri appreciating his "Good Job" stamp from last week instead.

He had to miss school the other day. So I’m posting this picture of Yuri appreciating his “Good Job” stamp from last week instead.

So on the onset of July (which also happens to be the month when dengue cases escalate!), I make sure I have these three flu-fighters at home:

1. Vitamins


Better safe than sorry, they say, and I believe so. I’d rather take a couple of minutes each day making sure that we all have taken vitamins than regret not doing so!

Wert Philippines has been sending us Nutri-10 Plus vitamins since last year, and these have undoubtedly help made Yuri grow bigger and stronger. I also believe the nutrients in Nutri-10 plus, especially its Vitamin C content, help Yuri get tougher when it comes to fighting flu and cold. It still happens, but they’re almost always manageable.

2. Calamansi


Before it happens though (before we catch a cold, I mean), I make sure I already have a steady supply of both fresh calamansi and calamansi concentrate in the fridge. Nothing like shocking flu virus with a big blast of calamansi!

(You can also use lemon but I prefer calamansi because they’re cheaper and I can just buy squeezed calamansi in bottles in the grocery. These don’t have added water and sweetener! These are perfect for mums who don’t have time to slice and juice. Choose your own citrus!)

3. Honey


For fighting cough, I trust honey (and, at times, a good dose of lagundi syrup). Honey is still the best for me. It has a lot of minerals and protein, but the best part about honey is that it contains a lot of antioxidants. Honey has a natural ability to keep bacteria from growing and multiplying!

(I prefer locally produced pure honey. I buy mine from organic stores here in Davao.)

Alongside these three are water, a good diet, and adequate rest. I usually avoid having to give medications unless totally necessary, so I rely on the three things I wrote above. Also, exercise and a lot of fresh air to strengthen the lungs and the immune system!


What are your flu-fighting must-haves?

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  • Reply Morgan September 20, 2016 at 4:24 am

    Honey works wonders with a sore throat and coughing. It’s both soothing and helps fight infection! Thanks so much for the helpful tips!

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