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Yuri Turns 5

It’s been a full month since Yuri’s party! And I have a looot of drafts in my backlog. #mustfindtimetoblog


I can’t believe I already have a 5-year old!

Wasn’t it just yesterday when I had a semi-permanently attached baby to my boobies?!

Yuri’s real birthday was on March 26, but we were scheduled to be out of town on that date so his birthday celebration was held a week earlier. It was a truly intimate party (yes, a McDonald’s party can be intimate because they only require a minimum of 10 people!) where I invited people close to us.

Since he doesn’t have regular classmates, we only had neighbours and close friends in the party. It was a win-win situation for me because Yuri felt at home with people he actually knew and interacted it and I do not like socialising with people I barely know!

Some of Yuri’s best friends in our village 😀 (Also, Yuri was sitting down in this photo. Yes I am defensive hahaha!)

On his actual birthday, we were in San Jose, Batangas, trying out a unique kind of lomi in a small eatery that tourists frequent. We also found ourselves detouring and going off-track because the actual road from Laurel to Tagaytay was closed — and accidentally found ourselves metres away from Mt. Taal. Fun, fun, fun!

Job was supposed to call him for a special birthday message. Unfortunately, his internet connection was bad huhu. That’s the harsh reality when a loved one works abroad. There will be struggles from time to time, but as long as there’s effort on both parties to communicate, it’s going to be okay. I also need to make a conscious decision to be always supportive and understanding because working abroad is no joke. <3

Despite that, I feel glad because I think we were able to give Yuri the kind of birthday celebration that he wanted. No pressure, no pushing him to do things he’s not comfortable doing, and no overload of material things that he didn’t need — just experiences, time spent with the people who love him, and memories that we hope he will always remember.

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