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Trick or Treat 2017: Iron Man, Fiona, and the Lost Mask

I can’t believe there are only four days left before school starts again!

I speak for myself, of course. For Yuri, Monday couldn’t come soon enough; he misses his classmates even though there’s not a day when he’s not playing outside with our neighbours.

How did you spend your long holiday, by the way? I didn’t experience a long weekend like most of you guys. Though I get to have two holidays this week, I have a broken schedule (instead of October 31 and November 1, my holidays are October 31 and November 2). I organized our team’s schedule myself and because this week is a busy week, instead of all of us taking the same days off, I alternated the schedules.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Here’s how our Trick or Treating went!

Trick or Treat 2017

Preparing treats for the kids. Decided to keep the imported chocolates for our friends lol

I usually avoid the malls like the plague when it’s Trick or Treating season. I personally do not have the patience — I’m only willing to deal with crowds when there’s a good sale lol. So I’m thankful our village holds its own Halloween Party and Trick or Treat for the kids (and feeling kids). We’re just a small village with less than 100 occupied houses so there’s only at most 25-30 kids racing for candy. And a village is much bigger than a mall so I don’t feel claustrophobic… 

This year, though, there were homeowners who brought guests so the number of attendants was way higher than previous years’ parties. Good thing there were also more homeowners participating this year or else we might’ve run out of candy!

Yuri was initially scared when we arrived at the venue (just our basketball court and multi-purpose hall) because of some of the costumes. However, he eventually got over it when the party officially started. BTW, he went as Iron Man. This was one of the P250 costumes I bought from a stall in Abreeza! Not bad, diba?

While I went as…someone in purple. I honestly didn’t know what I was going for haha. I just saw a cheap purple cape and paired it with a violet dress I already had. Of course, one of our neighbors had to call me Fiona hahaha!

Meanwhile, Yuri came home a happy little boy with a big basket full of candy. Just don’t show this to our dentist! 😛

Overall, it was a very fun Halloween Party. There were a lot of kids present and, well, a lot of food hehe. Even though it rained (hard!), we enjoyed the games and the company. And Yuri accomplished his main goal: get a lot of sweets nyahaha.

Unfortunately, I lost his Iron Mask while we were trick or treating. I think it fell out of my hand when I was balancing a couple of paper bags. He loved his mask so I really felt bad about it; good thing he didn’t give me a bad time. I posted a looking-for ad in our village’s Facebook page but no one knows where it is.

My guess is that one of the outsiders got it. Oh well! Ganyan talaga. Last year, we lost Yuri’s extra shirt. This year, mask naman. Next year, I’ll be extra careful! 😀

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