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how to get NBI clearance online

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How to Get Your NBI Clearance Online

How to Get Your NBI Clearance Online

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(This is an old post re-published.)

(Picture above is not at NBI Davao.)

In my city, the words “NBI Clearance” are often met with dread. This is because the office always manages to be full every day, with people. The lines tend to spill on to the streets, and people begin lining up at 4am just to be first!

I haven’t gone to NBI in, like, almost four years because there wasn’t any need for me to go. But because I will be taking up a board exam this May, I have no choice but to get a clearance.

It’s such a great thing that they have the online option now!

I didn’t think much of it mainly because I was aware that you still have to go to the actual office to claim your clearance. However, when my schoolmate from UP, who is also my classmate in my real estate brokerage class, said that she used the online option and she needed to be at the office for only 5 minutes, I was sold. Since I know most are either not aware of this option or do not how it works, let me take this opportunity to be your guide. Let’s begin!

1. Visit NBI’s website at and click on the button that says “Click here.”

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