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Review: My First Anello

I am officially the world’s worst person when it comes to following trends. The bandwagon leaves waaay before I even think of jumping on it!

Such is my love story with Anello. I have always preferred bags over shoes, but I tend to gravitate toward leather and classic styles. I discovered Anello in early 2016 through a friend who is a fan of all things Japanese. And then in early 2017, a close friend who lives in Japan proposed a business with me. During this time, Anello was all the rage and we thought we could sell them here straight from Japan. Obviously, it didn’t come to fruition because none of us had selling experience hehe.

Come mid-to-late 2017. My son is already in school and I find myself bringing lots of stuff whenever I go out (which is everyday). I have to bring an entire change of clothes, a towel or two, snacks, Yuri’s Thermos… No one told me being a school-mom is much like being a baby-mom. While my old leather bags are spacious enough to accommodate them, they’re too heavy. I am on the go and I bring my laptop with me, too, and my shoulders can only take so much.

I decided to give Anello a chance. I wasn’t planning on buying the faux-leather ones as I had bad experience with leatherette, so nylon it is! I was deciding between the tote style and the 2-way shoulder bag but, with my current lifestyle, I thought I could benefit from an adjustable strap. Thus, the shoulder bag!

(I haven’t had my eyebrows on yet, thus the cropped picture haha!)


I am aware that there’s already a physical Anello store in Manila but Manila is too far from Davao. I did a bit of sleuthing and discovered Anello DirectI saw several reviews vouching for its legitimacy and how it only sells genuine Anello + it offers free shipping worldwide. I ordered the Anello 2-Way Shoulder Bag (Large) in Light Gray for $39.90.  After more than 2 weeks of waiting, here it is! Continue Reading