Slow Sunday

A Joyful Mess

After months of rain and cool weather, it’s finally starting to feel like summer at home.

This morning, I spent a few hours on Yuri’s lessons this week and on a secret project with my closest friends (looking forward to announcing it soon!). But in the afternoon, it felt so warm and all I wanted to do was laze around. I was supposed to print out Yuri’s worksheets, but I didn’t want to get up, go out, and go to the classroom. I guess I’ll just have to get up earlier tomorrow to print 😅

I spent the entire afternoon inside the house and away from the sun’s heat, but I still tried to be slightly productive. So I updated my blog’s look! I made a new header and logo and updated the blog’s color scheme. I love it!

I mean, I also love my blog’s old look, but it’s high time for a new one. After neglecting this blog for sooo long — I have never gotten around to blogging regularly despite writing about it multiple times — I want to focus on blogging more this year. I am hoping the new look will inspire me to be more active and productive!

I’m glad to be able to enjoy the gift of slow Sundays. It prepares me for the heavily scheduled and routine-filled weekdays ahead. How about you?

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