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Preparing for Halloween 2017

I’ve written a lot about Halloween in the past and why we still choose to join our village’s Trick or Treat despite our Christian beliefs. In a nutshell, we join our village’s celebration because it is our tradition, we want to be involved in activities that strengthen us as a community, and it’s a chance to show our creative side.

Also, there’s another thing I’ve been thinking about. It’s something personal. Let’s just say we’re making the most out of our time here in this village.

Arte-arte haha. For now, selfies lang muna. Next time, OOTDs na ulit. I can’t wait to lose weight!

Now that I’ve gotten it out of the way, I’ll show you how we’re preparing for Halloween this year! It’s not complete because we’re bound to buy more stuff this week but I’m just going to show you what we have initially.

(Apologies again for the badly taken pictures. I was hurriedly taking them while Yuri and I were studying Math…)


LOL haha, let me defend myself. We were buying decor yesterday at Unicity (one of my happy places because things are so cheap — I must write about it some time!), and I only planned on buying costumes for my sister and me. I wanted the spiders and the spider web because the fluffy spiders look cute. I certainly did not consent to buying that ugly floating skeleton thing! And if it’s not bad enough, it actually shrieks when you turn it on. Someone (read: my mother) took a liking to it, apparently, and went ahead to buy it. Fiiiine!

These tiny things are light-up lanterns that you can hang up outside. Only P35 each at Gaisano Mall! I’m planning on hanging them on our gate.


We found these cheap Halloween-themed chocolates at SM Lanang’s department store. I think it’s just around P50-P60 per bucket. Not bad!

By the way, I received some comments on my S&R finds post about the amount of sweets I bought. Well, we’re not planning to eat them all haha. In fact, I’m avoiding sweets and haven’t eaten sweets for almost 2 weeks now. Yay! We also bought them for Trick or Treaters. Some of them were already given away last month and early this month. Don’t worry about it lol!


We have costumes already! Both my sister’s and mine are from Unicity, as I mentioned earlier, and only cost around P250 each. I only bought a cape, which I can reuse for other costume parties.

The actual surprise is Yuri’s superhero-themed costume. I was planning on either re-using last year’s lion costume or order something online. Lo and behold, when I was at Abreeza mall waiting for Yuri to be dismissed from school, I stumbled upon this stall:

The seller (the lady on your right) sells secondhand costumes for only P200-P350! Everything I looked at was in good condition, and for something you only use once or twice at most, it’s a very good deal for me. I picked one in Yuri’s size for P350, but I asked the seller if she can give me a discount if I buy two. I asked her if I can buy two costumes for P500, and she agreed. So I looked for a bigger costume that Yuri can use next year (#kuripot) haha. Not bad at all considering I bought original Marvel costumes that are in really good condition. Each retails for around P800-P1500 in stores.

I took a picture of the booth to recommend them to my friends. Unfortunately, less than a week later, we were back at Abreeza and the booth was already gone. 🙁 I should have bought a lot to resell nyahaha!

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