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Lunch at Grand Emerald Seafood Garden

Emerald Seafood Garden Review

We are a Filipino food kinda family. It doesn’t mean we enjoy only Pinoy food or eat only that — it’s just that it’s our default food when eating out.

But one Sunday, for some reason, I was craving for Chinese. I don’t know why; maybe my MSG levels were depleted. Kidding, kidding. Peace! Seriously, though, we don’t use MSG (or vetsin) at home, so sometimes I look for MSG-laden foods when I’m out. #confession101

So we decided to eat at Ahfat Seafood Plaza, a well-known Chinese restaurant here at Davao. However, when we got there, the place was full to the brim. The guard directed us to their other restaurant, Ahfat 2, but it miserably looked like a school cafeteria for some reason.

Perhaps they already so confident in their cooking that they didn’t bother anymore with aesthetics. Anyway, since we’re big on restaurant interiors, we abandoned Ahfat, crossed the carpark, and went inside a relatively less packed Grand Emerald Seafood Garden.

Grand Emerald Seafood Garden Menu

I admit some of the suggestions sound delicious, but we are simple folk who just want uncomplicated dishes. We actually have staples. Noodles for 3-year old Yuri, chicken for my preteen sister, pork and veggies for me, and veggies for the seniors tee hee. So, predictably, we ordered our staples. Meanwhile, we munched on these sesame-crusted peanuts, which were a big hit with my boy who doesn’t even eat peanuts:

Emerald Seafood Garden

Emerald Seafood Garden

After a while, our food finally arrived. Here are the dishes we ordered:

Emerald Seafood Garden

These are pork spare ribs. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the dish’s exact name.

Emerald Seafood Garden

Walang kamatayang lumpiang shanghai – sister’s request

Emerald Seafood Garden

Crispy noodles – Yes, underneath all those veggies are crispy noodles

Emerald Seafood Garden Menu

And sautéed veggies

Emerald Seafood Garden

Our messy but yummy spread



In fairness, every dish that we ordered was delicious – even the complimentary peanuts were yummy – and it’s clear that they really know food. The servings were also hefty. Would you believe all of the dishes we had above were in small sizes? Their small servings were more than enough for us. We had to take some of our food home in fact.

Inside the restaurant (I failed to take pictures because there were a lot of people – sorry), the ceiling was high and the entire place was well-lit. It was also well-ventilated and clean.


My only complaint against the restaurant is the service. I’m pretty certain it’s not just me because I just read a Trip Advisor review complaining that the service could have been a bit warmer. I agree. Our waitress was not only cold but also unreachable. Literally. As in after taking our orders, she disappeared – we had to call another employee (I assume she was the manager) for the bill.

And nobody smiled – really.

It was a minor inconvenience, but I’m a sucker for good service. I would return to a place even if it served mediocre food if it served warmth and smiles. 🙂

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