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Going Frugal: Yuri’s Kindergarten School Supplies!

I know, how late right? We’re now already preparing for our first monthly exams next week (gasp!) and I’m still writing about school supplies. Why not haha!

Okay, seriously, I had photos of Yuri’s stuff all along. I took pictures of his supplies when I was preparing them before the first day of school and stored them in my computer… and promptly forgot all about them. Since I already have pictures, sayang naman if I don’t write about them so here they go! Yuri’s school supplies for kindergarten!

Despite all the excitement and the build-up, we didn’t really buy a lot of things for this school year. It’s mainly because we received free things from friends as birthday gifts (yes, we were ecstatic to receive school supplies as birthday gifts lol!) and from blog sponsors as well (thank you so much, National Bookstore!).

And then for the things we ended up buying, I made sure to get the practical options. As elders say, Yuri is, um, all boy, and can sometimes be a little rough with his things. While I was keen on getting high-quality stuff, I also had to consider cheaper options in case they need to be replaced before second quarter even starts. ‘Wag naman sana! Anyway, here you go!


All-white closet basics

All of Yuri’s underclothes I bought from the department store. Save from the black and white socks, everything came from Gaisano Mall’s back-to-school sale. I don’t remember well, but I think the undershirts, briefs, and face towels were more or less P15-P25 apiece. In fairness, they’re quite good! Especially the towels — they’re still super soft even after being washed so many times. The Burlington socks (3 pairs) were around P200. The black and white socks, which are unbranded, were bought from SM’s sale just before school started. A pack with 4 pairs of socks was only around P150! I wish I only bought those because they’re a lot softer and tougher than the Burlingtons. I believe you can find them in SM department stores.

(Just goes to show how branded is not always better!)

Academic supplies

These were also bought from Gaisano Mall’s back-to-school sale (they were a lot cheaper than regular price) save for the box of Mongol pencils and fasteners, which were from National Bookstore.

More supplies

There are a few “free things” in this picture. The plastic envelope is not really free, but we had that since Eye Level days to store Yuri’s workbooks. The workbooks eventually outgrew the plastic envelope so I just hid it in my home office. The Transformers pencil case is a gift to Yuri from one of his village friends, the Westscott Wild Ones scissors are given by National Bookstore, while the Crayola glue was part of the Crayola kit I got for free when I bought Enfagrow milk from Lazada last year. Yup, Yuri got an entire bunch of Crayola stuff as freebie for a box of milk – best purchase ever!

For Yuri’s hygiene kit

Hygiene kit

I obviously got most of Yuri’s personal necessities from Human Heart Nature. It’s one of the brands that I’ve used the longest — since Yuri was a baby — and it’s also one of the brands I use for myself, so it’s a no-brainer. Yuri’s toothbrush I got from the grocery of Gaisano Mall (I think it was around P75), while the Spider Man cup was a gift. I had to remove the straw because they were only required to bring a cup (my guess is that it’s for brushing teeth).

For Yuri’s lunch bag

Lunch box paraphernalia

My sister ended up using the smaller Lock & Lock because she was looking for a tiny lunch box to fit her teenage needs lol. Which worked perfectly because Yuri preferred the bigger Biokips. The silicone cups and the cookie cutters were all from Gaisano Mall grocery (each costs around P50). Sanicare wipes is one of my most favourite thing ever (I’ve used only Sanicare wipes since Yuri was a baby), while the Lock & Lock water bottle was a freebie (again!) from a box of milk; I believe it was Nido.

We’re still crazy about our Thermos funtainer, but I didn’t want to send Yuri to school with it because it was too heavy. I was initially sceptical about the Lock & Lock container pictured above because it was a lot smaller than the Thermos Yuri was used to. I was afraid he’d always run out of water, but it didn’t happen because apparently, they have a water dispenser in the classroom. Nice!


I got the sandwich crust cutter from Daiso, which meant I bought it for P88. On the other hand, the sandwich bags were from Japan Home Center, and they cost around P66. I forgot how much the Lysol wipes were but you can buy/see them basically anywhere.

The gear

Backpack and lunch bag

I don’t remember when I bought that Peanuts bag! Was it early last year or the other year (2015)? All I remember is that I got it on sale at SM (they were doing the Peanuts thing at the atrium so Peanuts merchandise were on sale, too) for just P250. Yes, P250! Yuri didn’t go to school yet then, but you know me, I couldn’t resist a good sale. I figured out I could just keep it. So now we’re using it!

It’s pretty tough and well-made; however, it is admittedly too large for what Yuri needs to bring to school. While the size is perfect for a kindergartener — as you can see, it’s just a little bigger than the lunch bag — what I didn’t anticipate was how most of Yuri’s things would be left inside the classroom. He only has to bring his pencil case plus a few other things each day. Now, I’m on the lookout for another smaller bag. I’ll still keep this one because Yuri loves it and it is a good bag!

Meanwhile, I didn’t plan on buying a lunch bag because his backpack had too much real estate inside and could easily fit his lunch box and water. But the moisture coming from both the lunch box and water container is bad for his other things. You see, I like putting Yuri’s baon straight from the refrigerator so that it’s still fresh when he eats it, which means a lunch bag is crucial. I looked for an affordable but good-quality insulated lunch bag, and thank goodness SM (Stationery Department) has them! It’s only P199 and this design is the exact colour of Yuri’s backpack.

The brand of Yuri’s black shoes is Chicco, and I bought this last Christmas during my cousin’s wedding. Yuri was the Bible-bearer, and he needed formal shoes. I decided to just buy him school shoes so he can wear them again instead of just once. It’s a pretty sturdy pair of shoes (well, so far!) and was not very expensive at around P900.

Sorry for the dirty soles; I deleted the original picture and was only able to take a new picture when the shoes were already worn! I haven’t gotten around to washing them yet because it’s always raining boohoo. Anyway, these are Pitter-Pat shoes, yet another affordable brand. Oh, and I got them from SM’s sale, too! Yuri chose this design, and I think it was 50% off. I bought them for just around P500 or P600.

I decided not to buy expensive PE shoes because Yuri’s feet grow a size larger every several months. This was a lesson I learned the hard way; now we have several barely worn shoes that don’t fit Yuri anymore. Some I have given away; some I kept to sell. The bad news is that the shoes didn’t do so well in storage… so I might just donate them or give them away, too. That’s what I get for always buying on impulse!

I know it’s not back-to-school season anymore (at least for some of us!), but would you mind sharing with me your back-to-school frugal tips? I’d love to hear them!

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  • Reply Kim @ Mom On Duty July 17, 2017 at 11:58 am

    I definitely agree with going for something more affordable (but durable) for kids. My daughter is now a first grader. Based on my experience with her, nothing lasts more than two quarters. LOL! Instead of buying branded shoes worth 4k a pair, we went for Department Store shoes that can easily be replaced. At least hindi masakit sa bulsa! The only expensive thing we got her is her stroller bag, but only because we’re hoping it’ll last 2-3 years. Other parents swear by it, so sana nga totoo!

  • Reply Marie July 17, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    This year, we opted for the local store for my daughter’s school supplies and we didn’t buy everything like her baonan which she has naman from last year.
    The only thing that was splurged on was her Hello Kitty Bag which Is waterproof – ambigat kase ng books hihi.

  • Reply Nerisa July 17, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Not because it’s cheaper, e it’s not of good quality. Most of the stuffs that are expensive are just so because of the brand they carry. sometimes, the generic ones are more of quality pa.

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