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Christmas Bazaar 2016 at the Davao Convention Center

My co-workers, Sarah and Jona, and I are regulars at local bazaars.

More often than not, we end up buying more food than we had planned!

This year’s Christmas bazaar is no exemption. Since the bazaar will be there until Sunday (November 30 was the first day), and we went yesterday (where there was a huge downpour!), here’s a quick post about what you can expect from it. This is by no means an extensive description of the entire bazaar. Instead, here are pictures of booths and stalls that caught my eye.

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Okay, to be frank? I had a lot more fun during last year’s Christmas bazaar (and it’s not just because of the heavy rain yesterday). I think the stalls and booths last year were a lot more interesting (at least for me) and there was more variety. This is the same experience I’ve had during the bazaar I attended Kadayawan of this year. Booths were more or less the same and you can see the same products. I’m not sure if I’m going to attend the next bazaar. Then again, the food is always worth it!

I’ll write another post over the weekend about my finds (mostly food). TGIF!

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