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After the Long Christmas Vacation… Bring It On, 2018!

Happy new year, everyone! My 11-day holiday break is finally coming to an end! Here are the things I planned to do but, of course, didn’t:

  • Write a year’s worth of blogs
  • Update my blog’s look
  • Plan a new morning routine for 2018
  • Take pictures of the clothes I’m no longer wearing and sell them
  • Take Yuri on a date or do science experiments
  • Update the look of my home office
  • Lose 15 pounds

Perhaps I don’t need to say that I feel like a failure lol. But I am trying to be kinder to myself, to realize that while I am not able to do everything I think I need to do, I am still trying. That I’m only a failure when I stop trying.

Before I proceed, let me say thank you to the best bosses in the world for giving us a long break! Please visit our website: Stay At Home Mum.

It’s true that I could have done so much more during my vacation. I could have done science experiments with my son, rearranged the furniture, tried new recipes, become a real estate superstar… I could have rested more and watched an entire KDrama or two!

By the way, I wasn’t even able to write about our Christmas celebration. To be fair, because of our hectic schedules, we didn’t go all out on decor this year. Only your standard Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments on our shelves. No lights because they take effort to put up and even more effort to take down hehe. We also didn’t have a formal sit-down Noche Buena. Instead, we had a street party with our friends and neighbours.

At our Christmas street party, wearing my new Ever Bilena Toast of New York lippie hehe and the matching shirts our neighbors/friends worked on

What we lacked in decor and formalities though, we made up for gifts. I saved up a bit before Christmas and spent it all on gifts and Christmas stuff. For someone like me whose love language is gifts, Christmas truly is a special season. Yuri had the lion’s share of the presents, of course. Kids do have the best Christmases! I received a few gifts myself, both from friends and family. Thank you!

My greatest gift is this kid

Now, looking back, I am convincing myself that I was able to make the most out of the break. I cleaned a lot, I made four cheesecakes. I learned how to make dinuguan, which is a family favorite hehe. I finished all the pending errands for December: 6 banking transactions, real estate appointments, payments for SSS, PhilHealth, Pagibig, St. Peter, Sun Life, et cetera et cetera!

I was not able to read a book or watch a new KDrama but I was able to get my hands on a new planner and prepare it for the new year. I was also able to do a whole month’s worth of laundry! That was more or less 50 kilos washed at the laundromat.

Plus, there was a lot of retail therapy and counting of savings. I especially had fun counting Yuri’s ipon (aka kupit 
from my wallet jk haha) and converting the coins to bills at Watsons (they have a very attractive coin exchange campaign). They convert the coins to bills and give you P25 for every 100 pieces of 5-peso coins, P5 for every 100 pieces of 1-peso coins, and P0.50 for every 40 pieces of P0.25. From Yuri’s multiple coin banks, we were able to collect 200 pieces of P5 and 300 pieces of P1 and earned P65.50 in interest. Not bad for free money! 😀

So looking back at the Christmas break that I had, I am forcing myself to look at it from a positive perspective. I might have failed to do everything but it does not mean I wasn’t able to do anything. I did not waste it because I was still able to do stuff and make the most out of my free time.

And that’s what I am planning to do this new year. I’ve been too hard on myself this year, which did not help at all. I need to be kinder to myself and look at failures as another opportunity to try again.

Speaking of new year, here are snapshots of our simple New Year’s Eve spread:

My cherry cheesecake (unfortunately, the brand I bought has too little syrup…)

Chocolate cheesecake with Dove dark chocolate shavings

Barbecue baked ribs (forgot to roast the veggies so sauteed it is!)

Barbecue baked ribs

Baked macaroni

Walang kamatayang ham

Mama’s signature moist chocolate cake



More chocolates

Happy new year, everyone! Bring it on, 2018!

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