I am Maan, 27, a cheerful girl who loves life, loves her partner, Job, and their son, Yuri. And I love to write!

I also love shopping, reading, K-drama, and travelling. I enjoy doing “mommy duties” and generally being a stage mom to my kindergartener. I like following skincare regimens, joy rides, brush lettering (I am not the best in the world but I can do it), creative planning, and doing boring stuff like budgeting, investing, and attending meetings. I’m also passionate about food!

After more than 2 years of blogging as Davao Mommy, I decided to start over and create a new one. I wanted a fresh start and a venue to express my thoughts that is more personal, more me.

This blog is called Joyful Mess, and it is about my life that is naturally messy. Despite trying to be a neat-freak and having a bit of an OCD, I realised that life is naturally messy. I learned that we learn a lot from making mess. There is joy in the mess.

I’ve learned to embrace the mess and the lessons that it brings. More importantly, I’ve learned to appreciate the truth that God is the one who brings order to my messy life.

I’m Maan. I’m a messy person with a messy life. My God is a God of order, and his mercy is sufficient for me, for his power is made perfect in my weakness.

Come with me as I share my messy stories!